Book of the month (October)

We want to share our favourite art books with all the Lovers,
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Fifty Years of Portraits

Peter Beard

Peter Beard is a legend for all of us who love photography, fashion, Africa, Adventure… he managed to combine all this in his romanesque life.
As essayist Peter Tunney says: “Above all, Peter Beard is a collector, the camera only one method to his madness, a mere tool for accumulating his relished subject matter, the evidence of a life lived, all stuffed into a diary, ../… The elements he employs create a whole vision of his work: Africa, Andy Warhol, Francis Bacon, the Kennedys, elephants, Montauk, Mick Jagger, blood, crocodiles, things cut out of their context and put in new ones »
If you do not know Peter Beard yet, this book will be a good start