Book of the Month (March)

We want to share our favourite art & design books with all the Lovers,
so you can get inspired just like us.
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Designing the Secrets of Kells

The Secret of Kells is the first feature film from Cartoon Saloon, a Kilkenny based 2D animation studio. It tells the story of The Book of Kells, a medieval relic from the 8th century. The complexity of its illuminations and the mixture of Christian and Celtic motifs create a unique piece of masterwork and craftsmanship, and is considered as Ireland’s finest treasure.

This book of art shows the process of designing the movie, and features a great number of original early sketches and concept art. Also, Tomm Moore describes how the original book established the style they were looking for. The magic of this movie is in its details, like the different designs of the falling snowflakes, the use of perspective in its mesmerizing backgrounds, or the simplification in the shapes of the characters: the interpretation of the vikings is absolutely terrifying./p>